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Deora got tks from Modi

Congress leader Milind Deora  received a “thank you” note from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for praising his speech at the ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event in Houston.                                                                                                       

Mr Deora, in a tweet, had called PM Modi’s address a “momentous first for India’s soft power diplomacy”. He had also said that his friends in the US “acknowledge India’s leadership in the 21st century”.

“PM Modi’s Houston address was a momentous first for India’s soft power diplomacy. My Father Murlibhai (Former Minister Murli Deora) was one of the early architects of deeper Indo-US ties. Donald Trump’s hospitality and recognition of Indian-Americans’ contributions makes us proud,” he tweeted on Sunday.

PM Modi — who shared stage with US President Donald Trump and addressed over 50,000 Indian-Americans at the Sunday event– thanked Mr Deora for his remark.

“Thank you Milind Deora. You are absolutely correct when you highlight my friend, late Murli Deora Ji’s commitment to strong ties with USA. He would have been really glad to see the strengthening of ties between our nations. The warmth and hospitality of the US President was outstanding,” PM tweeted.

In his reply on Monday, Mr Deora praised the Indian leadership.The camaraderie between India and the US was on display at the event as PM Modi welcomed President Donald Trump at the mega show.

“Friends, we in India have connected well with President Trump, the words of candidate Trump. Abki baar Trump sarkaar rang loud and clear…” said PM Modi, who won his second term in May.

Reacting to his remark, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma launched a stinging attack, reminding PM Modi  that he is in the country as the Prime Minister of India and not to campaign for US President Donald Trump.

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