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The trends are reversing now due to emerging of new social media and its growing market Indian and many other regional languages are getting bigger share and English media getting attention only in the metro around the city. Expert of the industry says it’s time where immense challenge and opportunities have come up for regional languages in social media. Mr. Pradip Pandya editor CNBC bazar leading Gujarati business channel says now things are changing fast for regional language market but a big question remains will people pay for regional language news and whether advertising or market leader will spend budget on this sector.
Mr. Pandya was participating in a enriched interaction organized by public relation society of India at Mumbai press club on Wednesday. Other who were guest panelist Mr. Anurag Tripathi digital head Navbharat Times, largest circulated Hindi daily in Mumbai and Mr. Ravindra Ambekar, social activist and senior journalist who also run Marathi digital platform MAX MAHARASHTRA. While taking further discussion, Anurag Tripathi mentioned market for regional language in social media growing very fast. he said newspaper growing very slow but the APP for the same newspaper is growing 10 times. The only challenge is good content making as the language for computer developed is English and maximum material for research available is in English. But demand for regional language is there always that the reason why Google and other platform are looking for good content. He also said after IT boom now the content industry will be providing maximum jobs and that too for regional language. It can be from dubbing to subtitles and video content to product information. He also said political discourse is also changing as vote and note means market both growing in regional language.
Agreeing with Mr.Tripathi views Mr.Ambekar said in Maharashtra more than 1 crore user of Marathi online media clearly it is giving more advantage for any product or PR activities. He also said purity in a language is no more barrier in social media. You can use local dialect like Mumbai Hindi which also uses some Marathi words to understand.
Mr.Tripathi said Due to the emergence of cheaper devices, gadgets, and internet, India is turning into a digital country. The media platforms such as Newspapers, magazines, and books are becoming defunct. The contemporary media companies are utilizing content marketing by using content management websites and social media as modes of communication. People access information on laptops and mobile.
80% of the internet contains English content. Moreover, it is important to note that there is a serious dearth of content marketing websites in regional languages. There are not much content marketing companies providing content in regional languages of India.
A report proves that 78% of India’s population tends to trust content in their own language. Gradually, the world is becoming information oriented. However, the lack of regional language content marketing websites in India stops many people from accessing information and subsequently makes them knowledge deprived.

Moreover, there is a lack of good content websites and social media pages in other languages. They are almost non-existent. The ones that are famous either belong to prominent writers or are minimalistic/image based. They have only clickbait articles, photographs or memes as content.

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