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Pilot: Children continue to die in state

Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot said children continue to die in parts of the state and the problem needs to be resolved.

Pilot, who is also the state Congress chief, reiterated his earlier stance that the responsibility should for fixed for the death of infants at a Kota hospital.He, however, expressed confidence that the steps taken by the state government will prove to be effective.

“Infants are dying continuously in different districts of the state and the problem within the system should be resolved,” he said replying to a question.

He added that it would raise people’s confidence in the government and send the message that it was serious.

“But we must decide the responsibility for what has happened. I still stand on my point that one person, one leader or one person does not a matter. The deficiency should be rectified and there should be confidence in the public that this incident will not recur,” he said.

Pilot also cautioned that the biggest strength of a democracy are its people who show the door to those who do not perform.

“I have seen many of our comrades who come from political families, which benefits them. People know them by name. But, people also expect you to perform. If you do not perform, then the voters do not spare anyone,” Pilot said at the inauguration of a students’ union office in Rajasthan University on Tuesday.

Commenting on the death of infants at the Kota hospital, Pilot had earlier said, “We have to fix accountability. After 13 months of being in government, it may not serve any purpose to keep pointing towards the previous government. That government was voted out and we were voted in. We have to face responsibility and consequences. People expect us to deliver,” he said.

Last Friday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had claimed in Jodhpur that deaths of infants happened even during the BJP’s tenure but their number had reduced under the Congress rule.

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