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Traffic jam in Manali

Manali administration has decided to enforce one-way traffic system in the town from June 13 as manali getting heavy rush of tourist .

Apart from this, trained volunteers will be deployed to manage traffic to the Rohtang Pass The town is witnessing long traffic jams extending up to hours, annoying tourists as well as local commuters. The situation has been even more troublesome towards the popular Rohtang Pass for the past couple of days, where tourists are facing huge difficulties in reaching the pass and enjoying snow.

There are frequent complaints that it is taking more than five hours for tourists to reach the pass. Sometimes tourists, who move early in morning from Manali and head towards Rohtang, fail to return till late evening.

Due to the poor road conditions and traffic management, the traffic jams have become a big issue here. Hoteliers and local people have urged the administration to take some initiatives to manage the traffic. Otherwise, it will adversely impact the tourism industry.

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