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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh continued to tough stand on Pakistan and said  that should bilateral talks happen, it would not be on Jammu and Kashmir, but Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir .

“If talks are held with Pakistan, it should be on Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir,” Mr Singh said while addressing a public meeting in Haryana.

He also reiterated the government’s position that Islamabad’s support to terror must stop before a dialogue can be held.

The minister’s comment came days after he said that India reserves the right to revoke its ‘No First Use’ pledge – the cornerstone of its nuclear weapons policy for decades. It was seen as a reaction to Pakistan’s move to raise the government’s decision on Jammu and Kashmir in various international forums.

A majority of nations agreed Jammu and Kashmir was a bilateral matter between New Delhi and Islamabad.

The minister underscored the point on Sunday. “Our neighbour is knocking doors of international community, saying India made a mistake,” he said, a day after the United Nation’s Security Council met to discuss Kashmir, following a request from Pakistan’s all-weather ally China.

But the meeting of the 15 nations – five permanent members and 10 rotating members – had ended without any resolution, seen as a massive snub to Pakistan.

Rajnath Singh today said neither move of the government was made with any reference to elections.

“People used to say that any move on Article 370 will divide the nation. We were told that BJP won’t come back to power after that. I want to tell you people that the BJP is not concerned about vote bank politics. We are more focused on the politics which is about national integration,”he said .

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