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Congress leader Rahul termed the Rafale deal as the “biggest scam” in the country and claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi had interfered in the deal with France.

“The whole country knows there was theft in Rafale deal, people from the defence ministry wrote clearly that PM Modi is interfering in the deal that is why there is guilt. The name ‘Rafale‘ hurts, that is why Rajnath Singh ji went to France to collect Rafale,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi said the “industries are getting shut” in various parts of the country and “PM Narendra Modi has destroyed all the industries”.

You go to Pune, industries are getting shut down. You go to Gujarat, Dharavi, Mumbai anywhere, Narendra Modi has destroyed all the industries,” Rahul Gandhi said.

In an apparent reference to Isro’s lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, Rahul Gandhi said, “Over 40 lakh people are unemployed and they [the government] only talk about the Moon. PM Modi, please speak about unemployment and farmers, or PMC bank scam at least. No, they won’t talk about it.”

“Youths don’t have any future and PM Narendra Modi is going to Corbett National Park and talking about the Moon but he won’t speak at all on the conditions of India.”

“The economy which built by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ji, everything is destroyed. Today no one wants to invest in India. Local businessmen are also leaving the country,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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