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….. I m not a fool…

Whole world is fighting a fierce battle against Coronavirus. Governments, doctors, scientists, paramedics are dropping everything else and are focused on this. Huge financial packages are announced, production of necessary medical equipments is up in full swing, poor & marginalized are being looked after in other countries, R & D laboratories are burning midnight oil to invent a vaccine or antidote.

And Prime Minister of India asks people to light lamps & candles. Is this some kind of a joke? Not a word on where the country stands in this war. It’s preparedness, additional financial aid, new facilities created, diagnostic centres added, what his government proposes to do with gargantuan problem of stranded migrants. Shame!

His so called address to nation this morning was irresponsibility and incompetence personified. It was the most apt example of how a prime minister of the country should not be. He never does his homework. It was desired he will at least at this hour. But no. Is he not aware that 50% people in this country do not possess ration cards? Those among the middle class hopping from one rental house to another every 11 months never get any. Where will they procure food grain to feed their families?

All he is consistently giving people is sedatives such as clap, bang the utensils and light the lamps like celebration or an events. His blind, irrational followers will do it dutifully, oblivious that they too are being cheated. They will not think even for a minute how this will help to tide over the alarming situation. His cockamamie & gimmicks is a narcotic they are addicted to. On his part, PM is more than happy to peddle this drug as it hides his bankruptcy of will and ability to take any concrete action.

On my part, I vow not to indulge into this stupidity. I will share the cost of same oil with some poor and needy. Let Modi know one cardinal truth that you can not fool all the people all the time.

Dr. Jitendra Awhad
Minister for Housing,
Government of Maharashtra.

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