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Dr Lata Suresh research paper presented at ED media 2024 International Conference

Dr Lata Suresh research paper presented at EDmedia 2024 International Conference

Dr Lata Suresh, Head of Knowledge Resource Centre, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Manesar (IICA), and her research Scholar presented the paper at the EDmedia2024 Conference held in Brussels, Belgium.

More than 70 countries are participating in this Conference from July 2-July 5, 2024. The conference is hosted by The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), an international educational organization established in 1981. AACE’s mission is to advance Information Technology in Education and E-Learning through research, development, learning, and practical applications. AACE supports the profession with international conferences, high-quality publications, a cutting-edge Digital Library, a Career Center, and various other opportunities for professional development. All Conference Sessions were at Odisee University of Applied Sciences, Brussels Campus, located at Rue d’Assaut 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. We presented our paper in virtual mode.

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