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There are many views in the world. Many beliefs, & ideologies are floating around. Each one trying to prove their superiority. This is a perfect recipe for an intolerant world.

Views which threaten our physical existence like terrorism should be eliminated immediately by force through killings.

However, there are many soft views floating around. Some propagate superiority of 1 religion, or faith. Best of luck to them. Others worship some type of leader or guru. If they feel happy, so be it. Some views are based on political ideology. There is no harm in expressing or spreading it.

Secure people don’t feel threatened by an anti-view. Because they are sure of their views. Their hearts are big enough to accept everything. All human beings fit in that 1 heart without bias, or discrimination. In the court of God, you are accountable only for your views, not someone else’s. Be secure.

Don’t feel threatened by other’s views !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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