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Delhi Polling to be held on 8th February

Election Commission of India today announced the Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2020

The term of the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi 2019 is due to expire on 22.02.2020. The term and strength of the assembly is indicated as below Name of State/UT Territory Term of Assembly No. of Assembly Seats NCT of Delhi 23.02.2015 to 22.02.2020 70 81 The Election Commission of India (hereinafter ECI) is committed to hold free, fair and transparent election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi before the cessation of its term, in exercise of the authority and powers conferred upon under Article 324 read with Article 172 (1) of the Constitution of India and Section 15 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.

The Commission firmly believes that pure and updated electoral rolls are the foundation of free, fair and credible election and intensive and sustained focus is laid on improving their quality, health and fidelity. The Commission had directed the National Capital Territory election machinery to ensure a smooth, effective, inclusive and time-bound completion of Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls with reference to 01.01.2020 as the qualifying date, so as to ensure that all eligible but un-enrolled citizens in the Union Territory are duly registered in the Electoral Rolls. Special efforts were made to identify the critical gaps in the electoral rolls and targeted SVEEP activities were carried out to address them. Further, with a view to providing further opportunity eligible persons to get their names registered in the electoral roll so that they are not deprived of voting in elections and to improve the health of the electoral roll at the same time, the Commission ordered Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls w.r.t. 01.01.2020 as qualifying date in the Union Territory of NCT of Delhi. The final publication of electoral roll has been done on 06.01.2020 in NCT of Delhi.

Polling stations managed by women As part of its firm commitment towards gender equality and greater constructive participation of women in the electoral process, the Commission has also directed that, to the extent possible, at least one polling station managed exclusively by women shall be set up in every Assembly Constituency in NCT of Delhi. In such stations all election staff, including police and security personnel, must be women.

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