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All political parties and various leaders of society appealed to maintain peace and law and order in the country . even before the judgment PM NARENDRA MODI tweet there is no win or loss for anyone .
NCP leader Nawab Malik said, “Our position from the start has been that whatever is the Supreme Court, we will respect it, as should all. Hope no new conflict in the name of religion now erupts in the country.”
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Ayodhya Judgment: It is a landmark judgement. Appeal to the public to maintain peace and calm.
Kartik Chopra, spokesperson, Nirmohi Akhara: Nirmohi Akhara is grateful that SC has recognised our fight of last 150 years and has given the Nirmohi Akhara adequate representation in the trust to be set up by the Central Government to build & manage the Shri Ram Janmasthan Temple
as per ANI NEWS AGENCY Iqbal Ansari, one of the litigants in Ayodhya case: I am happy that Supreme Court has finally delivered a verdict, I respect the judgement of the court.
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Ayodhya Judgment: Everyone must accept the Supreme Court judgement and maintain peace.
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Ayodhya Verdict: Supreme Court’s judgement should be welcomed by everyone, it will be beneficial for the social harmony. There should be no further dispute on this issue, that is my appeal to the people.
DEHLI CM ARVIND KEJRIWAL tweeted सभी पक्षों की दलीलें सुनने के बाद SC की बेंच के पाँचों जजों ने एकमत से आज अपना निर्णय दिया। हम SC के फ़ैसले का स्वागत करते हैं। कई दशकों के विवाद पर आज SC ने निर्णय दिया। वर्षों पुराना विवाद आज ख़त्म हुआ। मेरी सभी लोगों से अपील है कि शांति एवं सौहार्द बनाए रखें

MP CM KAMALNATH TWEETED अयोध्या मामले पर फ़ैसला आ चुका है।
एक बार फिर आपसे अपील करता हुँ कि सर्वोच्च न्यायालय के इस फ़ैसले का हम सभी मिलजुलकर सम्मान व आदर करे।
किसी प्रकार के उत्साह ,जश्न व विरोध का हिस्सा ना बने।
अफ़वाहों से सावधान व सजग रहे।किसी भी प्रकार के बहकावे में ना आवे।

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