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A woman was raped by 16 men over a period of five years starting 2014 after she was first ‘sold’ by her father and aunt in 2011. This was stated in a fir in Hapur police.

The FIR also mentions about death threat to a villager, who is also her current husband, when he tried to help her file an FIR, following which both had to flee the village. She even has a child from one of her alleged rapists.

The FIR filed by the woman at Babugarh police station in Hapur said that she was first married 10 years ago at the age of 14 to a man in a Hapur village. A year later, they separated and she started living with her father and a son she had from the marriage. Months later, she was sold by her father and aunt for Rs 10,000 to another man, whom she had to marry in 2011.

“I had my second son from him. However, my ordeal started in 2014, when my second husband, who had taken a loan from his employer, was unable to pay 10% interest to him. Taking advantage of the financial condition of our family, the employer raped me and repeatedly did that threatening to defame me in the village,” read the FIR.

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