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When you can’t stand something, you become intolerant to it. We are all intolerant in some ways. Some of us have low tolerance, threshold levels – others more relaxed, chilled out. Tolerance is a sign of good humanity. Tolerance respects all ways. Intolerance says – “my way or not any other way”.

We need to understand what causes intolerance. We need to analyse so as to better introspect if we can improve ourselves, or correct our narrow mindedness.

Let’s shoot – intolerance arises from the ABC factor.

* AMBITION – When we aim too high, we often become greedy, impatient – and suddenly intolerance shows. We are jealous of others success, and our ambition is to be better than the rest. How often we fail to enjoy the journey, and just keep dreaming of the destination ! Ambition is not wrong, but when it becomes relative to others, and not for oneself only, intolerance rises. So beware of ambition where it is measured in relative success and not absolute success.

* BELIEFS – Some of us hold such strong beliefs – religious, political, or social – that we become intolerant to other lines of thoughts. It is not bad to believe in something, but it is intolerant to believe that only your thought is right in the world. Hold on to your thoughts but not with the fanaticism of a terrorist but with gentle acceptance of other thoughts floating around. People think the way they think due to multiple experiences, and environments – we need to allow everything to “live and let live”.

* COMMUNICATION – Often people communicate in a rather curt, abrupt, and rude manner. It appears they are intolerant. Sometimes that may not even be the intention. We all need to work on more gentleness, caring, and submissiveness in our communication. Communication is not a war of words and people, instead it is the art of practicing intimacy with others.

These are the ABC of the causes.

If we concentrate on the core, ABC can also mean :
Accept Beliefs Completely

When we learn to accept all beliefs, and all types of people and personalities, intolerance will be buried 1000 feet underground. Young children will ask their parents “where and what is intolerance ?”. Their parents will be at a loss to answer. Because they will find no such example to show in the world. Our world will then be like heaven. Heaven will have descended. We will seek its pleasures here itself. Because all of us will tolerate, and accept all. There will be no need to fight someone, because we will accept others. The world will experience the most calming, and soothing peace like never before. Even if this is a dream, let’s get up from this dream happy, and hopeful, and more knowledgeable. Because tolerance is not a dream alone, it is a most sublime attitude. Something through which we can buy our inner peace.

Happy International Day of Tolerance (Nov 16) !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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