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Tiwari Murder Case: “Terror Modules”

The Director-General of Police (UP) OP SINGH today gave a terror angle into the killing of the UP Politician Kamlesh Tiwari while deceased family calling it a land dispute. Four days after Kamlesh Tiwari , was murdered at his residence in Lucknow, the police have yet to arrest real accused of the crime.

Kamlesh Tiwari’s throat was slit and he was shot multiple times. As investigations into the brutal murder continue.

OP Singh, Director-General of Police (UP) today refused to rule out a terror angle, something he appeared to do on Saturday, when he called the murder a “radical killing” and said the accused did not seem to have links to terror outfits.

“See… there are many kinds of terror modules. There are self-motivated modules. There are sleeper modules. There are modules connected to terror outfits. We are looking at this from all angles. When we arrest the other accused we will know the truth,” DGP OP Singh told .

On Saturday, while announcing the arrest of five people – three from Gujarat and two from western UP’s Bijnor district, after a joint operation by police forces of the two states, the state’s top cop said Mr Tiwari’s murder looked like a “radical killing”.

“Prima facie this is a radical killing. Prima facie these people have been radicalised by a speech made by Mr Tiwari in 2015 but much more can tumble out once we catch hold of all the accused,” OP Singh said.

“… so far we have not established any links to special terrorist organisation…” he said, adding, “We were confident we would solve the case in 24 hours and we have done so”.

But now Mr Singh U TURN shows he is under pressure . The men arrested in UP were identified as Muslim clerics Maluana Anwar-Ul Haq and Mufti Naeem Kazmin.

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