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Vatika City residents protest against RWA

Demanding transparency in taking all the decisions, more than 400 residents of Vatika City led a protest against the RWA at sector 49 today morning. They protested against the replacement of their facilities management agency.
Sanjay Malhotra, resident of Vatika City said, “We are protesting against our RWA President Giriraj Gupta and General Secretary Anil Malhotra. From the past many years they have been doing misappropriation of funds and taking dictatorship. From the past three days, they have taken decisions that affect the whole society including one decision regarding maintenance cost which involves expenditure to the tune of 75 crores and another decision regarding the expenditure of 5.5 crores for facade painting are a few of them. Apart from this, there are many other decisions which they have been taking from the past few years. We are against this and want to define our bye-laws and will not allow them to do this now.”
The Vatika City Apartments Owners Association (VCAOA) had also complained to the District Registrar in this regard. The District Registrar has imposed a penalty on the President and Secretary of the association and directed that the matter of engagement of service provider by the select committee to strictly follow the bye-laws of association for engagement of agency, service provider, estate manager, and other officials as only the board has the power to do so. It also directed the management to allow the applicant as well as the other office-bearers of the association to inspect and examine the records and other related activities when needed.
Another resident Binita Mohanty said, “I am protesting because the RWA is running the society as their personal property without taking the residents into confidence. They are just doing what they wish to do and we totally object to their style of functioning. We want transparency, openness and want to be consulted because we are paying for the services.”
“Everything was running smoothly when the society was under the facilities management of Vatika Group – Enviro. From the time the RWA has come into place, the society is not in good shape and we are not happy with them. We have a lot of issues including electricity, horticulture, cleanliness, etc. The managing committee  (VCAOA ) does not consult the residents in any of the decisions. We want to retain Enviro as our FM agency and want to questions the RWA on how they can remove Enviro and place another agency till the time all the residents do not agree to it. They did not even invite Enviro for the bidding,” said another resident of Vatika City.

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