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The Impact of Bollywood Actors on the Fashion Industry

Authored article by Shivani Kanojia, Marketing and Communications Manager, Heights Group

The relationship between the world of fashion and the world of cinema is compound and intertwined. Film allows us the convenience to escape for a few hours into lives that are not our own lives that may be, in fact, quite different from our own. When we first witnessed Urmila Matondkar in a cropped blue shirt with brown pants in the song Yaaro Sun Lo Zara from Rangeela (1995), I thought no one looked better that her on screen. From Aamir khan’s yellow co-ord set to Matondkar’s windy mini dresses, every look from the movie is timeless. Indians can relate themselves most of what they saw their favourite movie stars in because for most Indians, fashion was defined by what they saw actors and actresses wear.

Why is it that the people want to dress and look like a fictional character they see on a stage or big screen. Costume stylist and Designer Manish Malhotra is responsible for creating some of one most spectacular fashion moments in Bollywood in the past decades—believes that cinema is a reflection of our reality.

Anju Modi did her first ever virtual show amid a pandemic, the designer discusses how the fabric is the paladin in her India Couture Week 2020. EDCI”s India Couture Week 2020 because one of the first local fashion show to the digital route, as the traditional format while following the Covid-19 safety guidelines. It shows the creativity of the mind which lead to this beautiful essence of craftmanship. For a veteran designer Anju Modi, who debuted her 2020 collection through this platform entitled Sindoori, it means evoking a spirit of resourceful by reinventing heritage embroideries with a contemporary belief.

Designer Anita Dongre has launched Spring/Summer 2022 bridal and occasion wear collection in February, 2022 at Mumbai. Titled ‘Paradise Found’, the collection is inspired by the interconnectedness of nature and features bring printed easy to wear lehengas. The pieces are versatile and re-wearable and suitable for large or small scale events. Dongre says as a brand, their purpose lies in incorporating a lens of consciousness to all business practices.

Designer Ritu kumar’s latest festive/winter 2022 launched in September, ‘Banjara’ edit, too, is a nod to that nomadic sensibility, tapping into the intricate and intuitive travel reflexes such as delight, beauty, and cultural resonance. Kumar concurs. “The idea of the collection was born out of the years we’ve been trapped in our homes. There is a lust, a need and want to move on, to travel, to explore again. One wants to search for self again in the outdoors. With that in mind, we alluded to the Banjara tribes, their aesthetic and their idea of nomadic existence.”

People in the country are deeply influenced by the collections launched on the fashion shows and   dressing sense of the clothes, how they carry it, pair it with accessories, jewellery etc. We depict ourselves that how it will look on us, which clearly states that it leaves a mark on our minds, that we should dress like this one day. We learn about new stylish, attire, the way it depicts certain meaning and even what it means to us when we follow that same trend in a way, we feel complete and secure. We feel the warmth of love, joys and achieve a sense of fulfilment after we wore those outfits. It plays a major role in shaping our personality and how to portrait ourselves Infront of the society.

The country and even the western world is now started following this trend to wear Traditional clothes on big events such as Engagements, Marriages, receptions, culture events etc. One of the remarkable examples of this is Anushka Sharma, she wore the Authentic Traditional Attire on her Wedding day stitched and created by none other than the legendary Fashion Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. We allow admire the elegance, class, royalty which she carries with her. Since then be it the public or the celebrities from the Bollywood and Hollywood as well started wearing same kind of clothes. It shows the hard work and sense of achievement for the designer, that his work speaks for him. The creativity behind the design deserves praise and should be acknowledge on a global stage for keeping the traditional culture alive in today date.

When it comes to making a statement there is no one like Ranveer Singh. A style icon who singe-headedly elevated the fashion game in Bollywood. Singh’s undeniable sense of style and larger than life approach to dressing up has had us on the edge of our seats each time he steps out of his home. Be it his airport looks or red-carpet appearances are fashion moments to take note on black-tie dress codes. Singh’s style undoubtedly makes a very strong statement, but optimistic towards the nonbinary fluidity that fashion today is embracing. From flared pants to statement jewellery, the actor’s style is a noteworthy lesson in challenging social constructs.

In today modern era, the people are optimistic towards the clothes and sense of dressing be it a ravelling dress, bodycon, freestyle, denim etc. Since a decade we in the fashion industry where we have learned that how the celebrity showstopper leaves a mark on people’s heart, and it sets new standards for the brand too. When the showstopper walks down on the runways, it leaves everyone spellbound because of the spark, charm and aesthetics of those attire holds everyone’s attention.

People attract more towards the clothes because it is worn by their favourite superstar. We have seen how it influence on the people’s live, that we all want to wear those clothes. After staying in the industry, that we related ourselves with it and how deeply it impacts us psychologically. When we witness some live, we live and cherish that moment forever in our lives, it’s not just about being present but also, how it changes own perspective towards it. We feel complete as a human and fine sense of fulfilment in our heart prevails.

The future of fashion industry is going be sustainable clothing. They should promote sustainable clothing, so that the normal people can afford to wear it. It takes less resources to make the clothes which is good for nature, sea, and ocean. These clothes can be recycled and reuse which is lead to less wastage of our resources.


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