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Joy multiplies when shared. Hence, share it. Make others happy too. Make them part of your celebration. Be open. Share easily. The entire humanity is your family. A happy thought, word, or achievement shared spreads to others. It is infectious.

Often in life we suffer from mental pain. We have tension. It could be due to finances, relationships, health, reputation loss, etc. This pain makes us sad. The quality of a fighter is when he can tackle his sorrow single handedly like a brave warrior. On the outside this warrior is smiling, while hiding his pain. Suddenly he starts feeling a lessening of his pain as he starts enjoying the joy around him. Also, he keeps others happy by being carefree, & joyful. Pain often disappears when concealed as solutions find their way through. There is no sense crying to others, & lowering your self respect, instead work hard & find solutions.

Share your joys, hide your sorrows !

– Sir Dr. Huz

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