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Shaping a Healthier Workforce: 1to1Help’s 2023 Data Reveals Critical Insights into Employee Well-being Across Demographics

1to1Help's 2023 Data Reveals Critical Insights into Employee Well-being Across Demographics

~ 1to1help has conducted over 1 million counselling sessions ~

~ Last year’s pre-screening data reveals that 85% of the first-time counselling seekers exhibited moderate or severe anxiety &/ Depression ~

[National, May 13, 2024] – 1to1help, India’s leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) service provider, reveals a concerning trend in its latest findings: a notable 4% increase in critical mental health cases throughout 2023. This data underscores the escalating importance of prioritizing mental health support, especially within the context of employee well-being. With a heightened focus on mental health, there’s a growing recognition of the imperative to address the critical needs of the workforce. Against this backdrop, 1to1help presents its inaugural “State of Emotional Wellbeing Report 2023”, shedding light on key insights into the evolving landscape of mental health in the workplace.

Ms. Mahua Bisht, CEO, 1to1help, stated, For over two decades, 1to1help has facilitated over 1 million counselling sessions, working closely with organizations of all sizes. We’ve observed firsthand the changing mental health needs in India’s workforce. Today marks a significant milestone as we unveil our inaugural year-end data report, offering practical insights for both corporates and individuals.  This annual report serves as a benchmark, providing invaluable insights into future mental health requirements. By sharing this data, we aim to not only deepen our understanding of workplace challenges but also to guide employers in crafting more effective mental well-being policies.” 

Major Highlights of 2023:

This data stems from over 85,000 counselling sessions that, mark a significant step towards building a healthier and more resilient workforce.

  • Impact Across Various Industries: Our report provides comprehensive insights into utilization trends and benchmarks across 17 industries. The IT sector led with the highest counselling utilization rate at 35%, setting a benchmark for other industries. Following closely were Consulting at 12%, and Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) at 11%.
    *It is important to note that a majority of 1to1help’s clients belong to the IT industry.
  • Impact Across Genders: Despite women comprising only 30% of the formal workforce, they accounted for 55% of counselling sessions. The further breakdown revealed that self-development has been the highest discussed concern in counselling sessions, among women.  60.11% of relationship counselling was sought by women, while 68.55% of financial counselling was sought by men, reflecting nuanced gender-specific needs
  • Common Concerns Across Genders: Distinct concerns surfaced across genders, with men predominantly seeking assistance in Self-Development, Work, and Mental Health. Conversely, women leaned towards Self-Development, Relationships, and Mental Health, underscoring diverse emotional landscapes
  • Counselling Concern Trend in 2023: The 2023 counselling data analysis reveals a broad spectrum of concerns on the 1to1help platform, spanning Self-Development, Relationships, Mental Health, Work, and Marriage. Users addressed intricate layers of emotional well-being, including regulating negative emotions, self-improvement, and substance abuse under Self-Development. Relationships covered pre-marital guidance, family dynamics, and friend compatibility. Mental Health discussions included self-harm thoughts and adjusting to romantic relationships. Work-related concerns spanned acknowledgement, work-life balance, and performance improvement. Marriage concerns encompassed communication conflicts, abuse, and coping during separation or divorce
  • Top 3 Assessments: The top 3 consumed assessments reveal that employees may have been interested in understanding their mental health, levels of  anxiety and resilience
  • High Depression & Anxiety: A pre-screening process implemented by 1to1help revealed that a staggering 85% of counselling seekers exhibited symptoms of moderate or severe anxiety and/or depression. This alarming statistic highlights a pressing need for comprehensive mental health support within the population 19% of cases at 1to1help addressed individuals who had self-harm ideations before availing counselling. There has also been a 4% increase in critical cases in 2023
  • 97% of individuals have either met their goals or are actively progressing towards their goals within 3 counselling sessions

The year-end data released by 1to1help serves as a reflective tool, prompting the organization to analyze and frame the challenges individuals face in the context of emotional well-being. This reflection guides 1to1help’s mission of providing personalized and accessible care, with the ultimate goal of enhancing an individual’s sense of purpose, satisfaction with life, and overall happiness, which in turn will affect organizational well-being and pave the way for a healthier, more supportive, and fulfilling professional experience for all.

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