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Shahid Kapoor: No one picked on Sanju like Kabir Singh when the guy reveals about the 300 girls he slept with

In a recent chat with Hindustan Times, Shahid expressed his happiness on the success of the film and also spoke about the criticism coming his way. The 38-year-old actor mentioned that the success over the past five weeks feels surreal to him and is still sinking in. When Shahid was questioned about playing the flawed character of Kabir Singh, he mentioned that he has never been afraid of playing dark characters like Kabir or Tommy Singh, since in real life he can never be those guys.

The actor shared that just because a character is flawed doesn’t mean that one didn’t enjoy the film. Shahid cited the example of a scene from Sanju to explain it.  Kabir Singh actor said, “There have been films in the recent past which had characters exhibiting similar traits but then no one really picked on them. To be candid, Sanju had a scene where the guy sitting in front of his wife and saying he has slept with 300 women. No one picked on it the way they went after Kabir Singh. And this is not to say that I didn’t enjoy Sanju. I thoroughly did, because I didn’t watch it to see how people should be, I watched it to see how the character’s life is. The fact that people loved Kabir Singh has just told me that people watch a film for what it is.”

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