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Samco announces its stock market investment campaign ‘’Stock Trading Satta Nahi, Science Hai’’

Samco announces its stock market investment campaign ‘'Stock Trading Satta Nahi Science Hai'’
  • The series aims to start a conversation on ‘Stock Trading Satta Nahi, Science Hai’
  • This initiative aims to reshape perceptions about traders in India while shedding light on the Andekha Sach (unseen truths) of their profession
  • Link to the 1st episode on YouTube:

Bengaluru, March 15, 2024: SAMCO Securities, a leading investment-tech company, in collaboration with The Womb, a renowned creative agency, proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking series titled “Traders ka Andekha Sach.” This series aims to challenge social prejudices surrounding stock traders while shedding light on their exceptional skills and contributions to the economy. The web series, initiated under the banner of “Andekha Sach,” (Unseen Truth) is a testament to SAMCO’s commitment to uncover hidden truths and provide personalized insights into the world of trading.

Through this initiative, SAMCO Securities and The Womb aim to understand the day-to-day life of a trader, a profession often dismissed and disrespected as mere gambling. Contrary to popular belief, the series will focus on revealing the unseen truths of the traders’ profession and highlight the significant amount of science that goes into their work. By doing so, they aim to debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding trading and showcase the intricate knowledge and expertise required for success in this field.

Samco announces its stock market investment campaign ‘'Stock Trading Satta Nahi Science Hai'’Jimeet Modi, Founder and CEO, SAMCO Group, remarked, “SAMCO recognizes the valuable role that a stock trader plays to aid the progress of the financial markets and the economy. Traders possess a unique set of skills, honed through years of experience and dedication. They demonstrate remarkable analytical capabilities, navigating the highs and lows of the market with poise and resilience. Moreover, traders are masters of risk management, meticulously assessing and mitigating risks to protect their investments and maximize returns. This series is our tribute to the traders & the investors”

In the first episode, the audience is introduced to Jignesh a dedicated trader navigating the complexities of the financial market in his day-to-day life. Through a blend of humor and emotion, the episode provides a candid glimpse into the challenges and triumphs Jignesh faces in his profession. As the story unfolds, Jignesh’s son, Rohan, emerges as a central figure, standing up against the societal stigma attached to his father’s occupation. Rohan’s impassioned speech serves as a turning point, challenging stereotypes and highlighting the undeniable science and analysis behind trading.

The episode masterfully captures the essence of the film’s message, portraying traders like Jignesh not as mere gamblers but as skilled professionals contributing significantly to the economy. It resonates deeply with the audience, engaging them on an emotional level while compelling them to reconsider their perceptions of the trading profession.

Heval Patel, Head of Account Management at The Womb, highlighted the importance of changing the way India sees traders, stating, “In India, trading lacks the recognition and respect accorded to other professions. These perceptions impact different aspects of the trader’s social life – facing trouble while securing credit, finding a suitor, kid’s admissions in schools etc. We want to change the way India sees traders. We want to show the Andekha Sach of traders.”

Suyash Khabya, Creative Head at The Womb, emphasized the emotional and satirical approach of the series, aimed at touching hearts and bringing respect and admiration for traders who fuel the economy. “With this ‘Traders ka Andekha Sach’ series, we aim to elevate the image of active traders. It’s our simple and unignorable way of bringing respect and admiration for traders,” he said.

  • Credits – The Womb
  • Co-Founders – Navin Talreja and Kawal Shoor
  • Planning – Manisha Sain, Sneha Raina
  • Creative – Suyash Khabya, Rohit Sharma, Krutant Bilakhia, Komal Sharma
  • Account Management – Heval Patel, Pratik Dobriyal, Ammar Ali
  • Production House – White Owl Productions
  • Director –  Vishal Gupta

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