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MCGM had been conducting approx. 4000 tests everyday on an average in May and June 2020. This was ramped up to 6500 tests (Zero rapid tests included) on an average, everyday in the month of July 2020 by abolishing prescriptions for the test in respect of any citizen of Mumbai and allowing 100% home collection of swabs through any of the 23 labs in Mumbai. In the month of August 2020, testing per day was 7619 (Zero rapid tests included). It was decided in the last week of August 2020 to further revamp of testing. In the month of September 2020, accordingly, tests have been around 9000 to 10000 everday since 1st September and today, it touched 11861 (Zero Rapid tests included).

This is the primary reason for increase in number of positive cases in Mumbai. Considering the fact that approx. 4800 beds are lying vacant under DCH / DCHC facilities under MCGM and another set of 6200 covid beds in Jumbo field hospitals lying fully ready which can be added on to the Dashboard at a short notice and the fact that approx. 60 to 70% positive cases are asymptomatic in nature requiring home quarantine only, the availability of beds for symptomatic positive cases in Mumbai will not be an issue at all, even if the number of positive cases on an average goes beyond 2000 everyday.

It is also important to submit here that the MCGM is adding 250 additional ICU beds on the Dashboard in next 3 days to ensure that atleast 350+ ICU beds remain vacant everyday, as an assurance to the citizens of Mumbai. The strategy of MCGM to substantially ramp up the tests from an average testing of 7619 everyday in the month of August to 10000-14000 tests everyday in the month of September, resulting in increase of average number of positive cases from 1000-1300 to 1700-2000 everday by effectively utilising large number of vacant covid beds available in the city of Mumbai will help to accelerate arrest of the spread of virus in Mumbai. Therefore, it is humbly submitted that there should not be any panic created by sudden increase of positive number of cases in Mumbai.

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