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PM Doesn’t Understand’s Economics : Rahul Gandhi

In the last leg of campaign for assembly elections scheduled Monday , Rahul Gandhi attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he has no understanding of the economy.

Raising the issues of economic slowdown, unemployment and farm distress to attack the government Rahul said govt just diverting attention of imp issues.

Addressing a public in Mahendragarh in he said “Our friends from the media who are under pressure, show PM Modi’s speeches 24/7. Have you ever seen the media showing news of rampant unemployment and farmer suicides. Media will only show Modi ji’s face, his speeches, talk of Article 370, moon (Chandrayaan), Modi’s picture in Corbett Park.

“Modi has just one job — to divert” the attention of the country from the real issues, he claimed. “India is being mocked at by the world. The country which used to show the way to the world, used to live with love, used to progress fast…Today one caste is fighting the other, one religion is fighting the other and the country”s pride — its economy — Narendra Modi has destroyed it by demonetisation and Gabbar Singh Tax,” Mr Gandhi said.

“What they (the BJP) are doing, that is the most dangerous is wherever they go, they make one Indian fight another. They make a Hindu fight a Muslim, Jat fight a non-Jat, people from north fight south, they will go to Maharashtra and say ”thrash and throw out the people of UP and Bihar”, and in Bihar say ”we will protect you”,” Mr Gandhi said.

“The country cannot progress through division. This country has progressed by working together. If the country will be divided, it will not be able to progress,”

Attacking the government, Mr Gandhi said unemployment is the highest in the last 40 years and farmers are committing suicide.

“When we introduced MNREGA, critics used to say it is a useless scheme. PM Modi said in Parliament that there is no scheme worse than MNREGA. Narendra Modi has no understanding of economics,” Mr Gandhi alleged.

Slamming the government’s move to cut corporate tax, Rahul Gandhi claimed that after just three days “its balloon burst and things became clear”.

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