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fans weep for superhero Diego Maradona

fans weep for superhero Diego Maradona

Argentina’s stunned soccer fans sought each other out Wednesday to mourn the death of Diego Maradona, gathering by the hundreds in spots linked to the life of the legendary player.

MEANWHILE Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has expressed grief over the demise of Diego Maradona.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said, “Diego Maradona was a maestro of football, who enjoyed global popularity. Throughout his career, he gave us some of the best sporting moments on the football field. His untimely demise has saddened us all. May his soul rest in peace.”

FANS  gathered outside the Maradonas home where he was born and raised in the Villa Fiorito neighbourhood.

They went to the stadium of Argentinos Juniors, where he started as a professional footballer in 1976. They stood at the historic La Bombonera stadium of his beloved Boca Juniors. More were at the headquarters of Gimnasia La Plata, the team he was coaching.

“I am touched. I can’t understand it, I can’t see the reality. Diego will never die, today is the birth of the Maradona myth,” said Dante L pez, a physician who went to the Argentinos Juniors stadium, which carries the beloved player’s name.

Fans put candles and flowers along the wall around the field.

“Diego was Argentina in the world. He gave us joy and we will never be able to repay him for so much joy,” said Argentine President Alberto Fern ndez, who issued a decree for three days of national mourning and offered the presidential palace for the funeral.

Mariano Jeijer sat with his wife and their baby in a small car near the Boca Juniors stadium. He said he didn’t want to be sad at home.

At the headquarters of Gimnasia La Plata, where Maradona became coach in September 2019, many fans cried in the stands. He made his last appearance there at a game Oct. 30, which was his 60th birthday.

“We will keep that smile, and the most beautiful crest on your chest,” the club said on Twitter.

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