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The BJP has suffered a loss of two percentage point in vote share in Maharashtra compared to 2014 assembly election.

This loss of vote share and the number of seats saw the Opposition sending taunts the BJP’s way as the Maharashtra election results started pouring in. 

However, it is not the BJP that has suffered a loss of vote and vote share in the Maharashtra Assembly election alone. Others have met the same fate. Let’s see the poll data.

The BJP had polled 1.47 crore votes in 2014 Maharashtra Assembly election. The vote share stood at 27.8 per cent of the total votes polled in the assembly election. This time, the BJP has 1.41 crore votes – around 6 lakh less than the 2014 figure – and it amounts to 25.6 per cent vote share.

The BJP had contested 260 seats in 2014 and on those seats its vote percentage was 31.15 per cent. This time, the BJP contested 164 seats out of which it had to accommodate its smaller allies as well. The vote percentage for these 164 seats is not yet available.

The Shiv Sena had contested on 282 seats in 2014, and secured 1.02 crore votes. Its vote share was 19.3 per cent. This time, the Shiv Sena, which is pushing for some “50:50 formula” agreed with the BJP, has 90 lakh votes – 12 lakh less than what it polled five years ago. Vote share of the Shiv Sena has come down to 16.4 per cent – a dip of about three percentage points.

The NCP – Sharad Pawar’s party which is the real gainer – too has suffered loss in terms of vote share though it polled more absolute votes compared to 2014. The NCP has secured 92 lakh votes in Maharashtra Assembly election this time against 91.22 lakh in 2014. But its vote share in 2014 was 17.2 per cent which has come down to 16.7 per cent.

The Congress had polled almost 95 lakh votes in 2014 Maharashtra Assembly election. This time, the Congress has 87 lakh votes – a loss of 8 lakh votes in absolute numbers. The Congress had got 18 per cent votes in 2014.The vote share has come down to below 16 per cent in 2019 Maharashtra Assembly election – a clear loss of two percentage point.

If we compare the vote percentage of these parties with their share in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, only the NCP has gained in the Maharashtra Assembly election. The BJP had got 27.59 per cent in the parliamentary polls – closer to their 2014 state polls figure.

The Shiv Sena had got 23.29 per cent vote share in the Lok Sabha election – about 6.5 per cent more than what it has polled in Maharashtra Assembly election. The Congress had got 16.27 per cent. Its state election performance is the same range.

The NCP, however, gained more than one percentage point in the vote share – improving from 15.52 per cent in the Lok Sabha election to 16.7 per cent in Maharashtra Assembly elections.

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