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Muslims can worship in any mosque but Hindus can’t change the birthplace of Lord Ram. Senior advocate K Parasaran told the Supreme Court today.

“There are 55-60 mosques in Ayodhya alone. But for Hindus, it is the birth place of Lord Ram…we can’t change the birthplace,” K Parasaran told the top court. Insisting that the construction of a mosque at the site was a “historic wrong.

Appearing for ‘Ram Lalla Virajman‘, mr Paraaran said Hindus had fought for centuries for the place believed to be the birthplace of Ram.

The five-judge Constitution bench, which is headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi,closely question Mr Parasaran on various technicalities. Including the law of limitation and doctrine of adverse possession.

At the conclusion of its questioning, the Chief Justice turned to Rajeev Dhavan, who is representing the Muslim petitioners. And, in a lighter tone, asked him if he was satisfied with the court’s queries.

“Mr Dhavan, are we asking sufficient number of questions to the Hindu parties now?”. The Chief Justice said, “We are saying this on a lighter note. Not everything has to be taken seriously.

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