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PM Modi appeals for peace in Assam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday assured Assamese people that their rights would be unhinged while appealing for calm in the state.

Taking to microblogging site Twitter, PM Modi said, “I want to assure my brothers and sisters of Assam that they have nothing to worry after the passing of CAB.” PM Modi said, “No one can take away your rights, unique identity and beautiful culture. It will continue to flourish and grow.”

The PM further said that the central government and he was “totally committed to constitutionally safeguard the political, linguistic, cultural and land rights of the Assamese people as per the spirit of Clause 6.”

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday with 125 votes in favour and 99 against it. On Monday (December 10), the Bill was passed in Lok Sabha with a thumping majority.

The passing of the bill led to widespread protests in the northeastern states, especially in Assam and Tripura, despite assurances by political leaders. As the protests rage, three flights and 21 train services were cancelled keeping in mind the volatile situation in Assam.

Replying to a six-and-a-half-hour debate on the Bill, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the legislation seeks to provide citizenship to persecuted minorities in the three countries and not take away citizenship of anyone. He rejected the Opposition charge that the Bill was against Muslims and said they have nothing to fear.

PM described the Bill’s passage as a “landmark day” for India and its ethos of compassion and brotherhood. The Bill will “alleviate sufferings of many who faced persecution for years”, he wrote on Twitter.Modi also expressed gratitude to all members of Rajya Sabha who voted in favour.

Cong president SONIA GANDHI said it marks a “dark day” in the constitutional history of India and is a “victory of narrow-minded and bigoted forces” over the country’s pluralism.

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