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Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Announces India’s First Robotic Surgery Program for Ovarian Cancer

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Announces India's First Robotic Surgery Program for Ovarian Cancer

First time in India, patient with dual cancer diagnosis, undergoes Robotic CRS with HIPEC

Chennai, May 16, 2024: Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC), South Asia’s first and largest proton therapy announces the launch of the Robotic Surgery Programme for Ovarian Cancers and the successful completion of India’s First Robotic Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS) with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) in two unique cases of advanced ovarian cancers. These medical milestones mark a significant advancement in the regional cancer treatment landscape, offering new hope and improved care standards for patients battling this severe illness.

48-year-old Ms. Thara,(name changed on request) from Guwahati, was suffering from carcinoma of the ovary with omental and peritoneal metastases. After receiving three cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, which significantly reduced her cancer burden, she underwent a complex robotic-assisted interval cytoreductive surgery. The procedure included extensive surgical clearance, followed by HIPEC using a closed technique, which ensures precise temperature control and optimal drug distribution. She was also detected with breast cancer during her work up, she could undergo surgery for breast cancer in the same sitting. The use of robotic system enabled both the surgeries to be done with minimal morbidity and the patient was  discharged in three days.

Ms. Amala, (name changed on request) a 40-year-old lady from Chennai, was battling against recurrence of a rare tumor called –extrauterine endometrial stromal sarcoma. She underwent a similar extensive robotic cytoreductive surgery, which included the removal of multiple cancer-affected tissues and organs, demonstrating the versatility and reach of robotic surgery in treating complex cancer recurrences.

Compared to open CRS, robotic-assisted interval cytoreductive surgery reduce the hospital stay from over 10 days to just three days, minimized blood loss, and decreased post-operative pain. The robotic system facilitates the clinicians to access multiple deep areas of the abdomen effectively and clear the disease from there. Patients benefit from a faster return of bowel function and quicker resumption of normal activities, including timely continuation of adjuvant therapies. This, minimally invasive technology, not only enhances patient comfort and recovery but also aligns with the best outcomes.

Dr. Venkat P, Senior Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, said, “At Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, we are continually advancing our capabilities in robotic technology. The dual surgeries for advanced ovarian cancer utilized cutting-edge robotic systems that provide superior precision and flexibility. The intricate nature of this surgery, involving multiple resections and HIPEC, showcases the remarkable precision and dexterity offered by robotic technology. In these particular cases, the ability to achieve optimal cytoreduction while preserving healthy tissues is crucial for the patient’s long-term prognosis.”

Dr. Priya Kapoor, Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, said, “The new approach– Robotic Cytoreductive Surgery with HIPEC– is a testament to our meticulous planning and the precision that robotic surgery offers. For our patients, this meant less invasive procedures and targeted chemotherapy delivery at elevated temperatures, directly at the site of the tumor. This approach significantly enhances the efficacy of the treatment while reducing the typical complications associated with open surgeries.”

Ms.Amala said, “Robotic Surgery helped me to recover quickly due to the small insertion and less pain. The Doctors explained the procedures clearly which helped me to prepare myself for the surgery.”

At Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, the commitment towards advancing cancer care is underscored with the latest technology. They continue to pioneer significant advancements in medical treatments, reinforcing its position as a leader in healthcare and cancer care innovation. These landmark surgeries in Tamil Nadu highlight the centre’s ongoing commitment to bringing world-class healthcare to the patients and setting new benchmarks in cancer care.


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