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Eight Seasons, brilliant characters, and a story so complex and compelling that you cannot stop watching it even if you wanted to–that’s what Game Of Thrones has given us over the years. With the Finale Episode, The Iron Throne, now out, this show’s watch has ended.

If you found this season underwhelming, or characters you loved all this while were left high and dry without proper resolution, the last episode might just make it up to you. The visuals were amazing and the story literally came full circle. What’s more, most of our predictions for the finale actually came true! While we won’t explicitly reveal details from the episode, here is our spoiler-free review:

Tyrion’s Grief

If the previous episode left King’s Landing destroyed, we resume this one with the survivors dealing with the aftermath. Of all the characters, it is Tyrion whose grief is most palpable. What he discovers beneath the Red Keep could break the hardest of hearts.

Despite his disillusionment, Tyrion admits his love for Daenerys and asks something of Jon that the true heir to the Iron Throne is unable to give at first, though he knows just how bad things will get. Their discussion on love, duty and death is definitely something that fans would want to watch again and again in the coming years.

The Mother of Drogon

Daenerys, the clear victor at the end of the last episode, has now turned into that fearsome, mythical creature associated with House Targaryen. The Dragon has woken and she will not go to sleep easily. Dany’s agenda, convoluted though it is, proves that she is riding on a high from her victory.

If you haven’t been satisfied with Dany’s arc this season, you might have a hard time with her scenes. Her fate was sealed the moment she embarked on her carnage trip, and she gets what she deserves.

Drogon’s wrath is mighty, but it looks like the last living dragon has more sense than his mother did. He destroys the source of all the games, breaking the wheel in Westeros once and for all.

The Last Lords and Ladies

As the last lords and ladies of Westeros come together to decide on the fate of their lands, there are clearly many characters who come out of the woodwork. But how will they rule? Sam’s suggestion at democracy is laughed off like a bad joke, so is Edmure Tully (now who knew he survived, eh?).

What does happen might seem like a weak resolution, especially if you aren’t satisfied with this season. But come to think about it, there is a logic behind Tyrion’s advice to the council, and it is quite sound. We are just happy that Tyrion got his mojo back at the end of the series, and the fact that the wheel is broken for good.

 No justice for Jon Snow?

While the power is placed right back in the hands of all our beloved characters, it is the fate of Jon Snow that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Sure, he looks happy with people who actually love him in the end, but what about all the sacrifices he made throughout his long and arduous journey?

It looks like Jon’s story has forever been about duty rather than living life to the fullest, and his fate, like his aunt Dany’s is sealed. The biggest silver lining here is that he is reunited with his true animal counterpart, and no, it’s not a dragon.
A story where the good guys win in the end, despite all the odds, is always enjoyable–especially if the story is told well. The makers of Game Of Thrones haven’t been that successful in telling the story well over (at least) the last two seasons. This season has been riddled with problems from the beginning, with fans even asking for a remake of the last season!

But truth be told, the resolution at the end of the series, though predictable, was delivered well. Could the writing have been better? Yes, of course. David Benioff and D.B Weiss have been in a rush to finish the series, and that has clearly taken a toll on the show.

What we as fans need to remember is that despite all the pitfalls, Game of Thrones still manages to leave an indelible mark on the soul of every viewer immersed in the story. And ultimately, the makers did deliver the “bittersweet ending” they promised.

The journey was bumpy, but what journey isn’t? Game Of Thrones has delivered romance, tragedy, action and humour over the years through some of the most amazing characters, and it has been thoroughly entertaining.

Every Thronie will go back and watch the series time and again. Most will even recommend it to others, even if we are not entirely happy with the way the story unfolded. So, as we bid goodbye to this beloved series and look forward to the prequels, we must remember that now our watch has not really ended.

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