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14 Karnataka Rebels Disqualified Day Before Trust vote

14 Karnataka Rebels Disqualified Day Before Trust vote were disqualified by Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar .

The move brings down the majority mark in the assembly within the reach of the newly formed BJP government, which is expected to face a trust vote in the state assembly today.

On Thursday, the Speaker had disqualified three mla. The disqualifications bring down the strength of the House to 208, and the majority mark slides to 105 – a number the BJP currently has.

Mr Ramesh, whose office extends till a new Speaker is chosen, said he would not resign. “I will do my duty,” he said.

All the lawmakers have been disqualified from the assembly till the end of its term, which calls for by-elections in all 16 constituencies.

Congress’s Siddaramaiah tweeted: “I welcome the decision of speaker to disqualify 14 MLAs. This honest decision of speaker will send strong signals for all the representatives in the country who might fall for @BJP4India’s trap.”

“This is a bold and great move by the speaker of Karnataka Legislative assembly. This should be a lesson for all greedy & selfish politicians. Acting against the Constitution of India comes with a price,” the JDS said in a tweet.

The BJP had staked claim to power after the 14-month-old coalition government of the Congress and HD Kumaraswamy failed the trust vote last week. The coalition could scrape up only 99 votes against the BJP’s 105.

The test of strength took place after 13 lawmakers of the Congress and three from the JDS resigned and two Independent lawmakers who were supporting the government switched sides earlier this month.

The BJP moved swiftly after the Speaker disqualified three lawmakers on Thursday, staking claim to form government and pushing for a trust vote on Monday. State BJP chief BS Yediyurappa (who also changed his name), has taken charge of the government as the Chief Minister for the fourth time.


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