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Another round of twitter war started on hate in Bollywood . now Kangana Ranaut and 61 artist supported Modi govt . it seems same love and hate as it had seen on award wapsi .

Two days after a group of eminent citizens, including filmmakers, wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against “religious identity-based hate crimes”, another group of personalities, including Kangana Ranaut, Prasoon Joshi and Madhur Bhandarkar, have penned an open letter against “selective outrage and false narratives”.

another open letter 

The open letter has been signed by 61 personalities, also including classical dancer and MP Sonal Mansingh, instrumentalist Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri.

61 personalities including actor Kangana Ranaut, lyricist Prasoon Joshi, Classical Dancer and MP Sonal Mansingh,Instrumentalist Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Filmmakers Madhur Bhandarkar& Vivek Agnihotri write an open letter against ‘selective outrage and false narratives’.

previous letter  

49 eminent personalities wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing concern over incidents of lynching and the alleged weaponisation of the slogan “Jai Shri Ram“,now  others have hit back, accusing them of “selective outrage, false narratives and a clear political bias” in an open letter.

now Modi supporter said in there letter ...

An open letter which has been published on July 23 2019, and addressed to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has astonished us. Forty nine self-styled ‘guardians’ and conscience keepers’ of the nation… have expressed selective concern and demonstrated a clear political bias and motive,” the letter read.

“To us, the undersigned, this document of selective outrage comes across as an attempt to foist a FALSE NARRATIVE… to negatively portray Prime Minister Modi’s untiring efforts. The signatories of the ‘open letter’ have, in the past, kept silent when tribals and the marginalised have become victims of Naxal terror, they have kept silent when separatists have issued dictates to burn schools in Kashmir, they have kept silent when the demand for dismembering India were made…” the letter continued.

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