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Redcliffe Labs teams up with RGCB, to bolster single-cell genomics in India 

Redcliffe Labs teams up with RGCB to bolster single-cell genomics in India 

Redcliffe Labs teams up with RGCB, to bolster single-cell genomics in India 

●      Redcliffe Labs to operate RGCB lab with single-cell genomics and high throughput sequencing facility

●      This is the second genomics facility to be operated by Redcliffe Labs in India 

India, October 10 – Redcliffe Labs, one of India’s fastest-growing omnichannel diagnostics service providers, has collaborated with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) in Thiruvananthapuram to manage and operate a laboratory with Single Cell Genomics and High-Throughput Sequencing technologies – a rare combination in modern genomics. Both parties signed an MoU aiming to revolutionize the field of modern genomics for Bharat. 

The collaboration combines Redcliffe Labs’ expertise in genomics research and its track record of delivering ambitious genomics studies and projects with RGCB’s cutting-edge facilities and research prowess. 

Redcliffe Labs has been at the forefront of genomics research since its inception in 2018, driving innovation and excellence but also pushing genetic screening adoption for public benefit. Over the years, they have successfully delivered 1,000+ genomics studies and projects while revolutionizing clinical genomics by introducing a range of genomics panels, from targeted gene panels to Whole Exome Sequencing for clinical reporting. The company has sequenced and analyzed more than 50,000 samples sourced from diverse clinical backgrounds, including Reproductive, Neurological, Cardiovascular, Nephrological, and Rare Disorders. The research division of Redcliffe Labs has also played a pivotal role in sequencing diverse sample types, from Cardiovascular and Pediatric samples to rare and ancient human DNA, as well as those from agriculturally important crops including Pulses, Rice, and Corn. 

The introduction of RGCB’s advanced genomics facility has equipped the institute to initiate groundbreaking projects in Single Cell genomics. A platform that provides deep insights into functional genomics and can analyze various sample types, including Humans, Plants, and Microbes, covering both RNA and DNA-based applications. Single-cell genomics allows researchers to comprehend different cell stages, signaling, and lineages, focusing on cell expression patterns at the cellular level. This technology represents the future of targeted therapies, drug dosage compensation, and precision medicine. With this advancement, Redcliffe Labs will be the country’s first lab to facilitate unmatched capabilities in the field of genomics.

Redcliffe has a referral lab in Noida with a comprehensive genomics infrastructure featuring multiple sequencers, microarray platforms, and genotyping facilities like Biomark HD and Affymetrix Genotyping. The partnership with RGCB will introduce advanced technologies like 10X Chromium, Illumina Novaseq, Nanopore Gridion, and various allied infrastructures to facilitate processing and expediting samples from the southern part of the country. By setting up a lab in Thiruvananthapuram, Redcliffe Labs is India’s first company with two fully equipped genomics facilities. 

Ashish Dubey, Director of Research at Redcliffe Labs, said, “Our focused approach towards fastest and quality delivery has put us in the top three genomics service providers in the country and the 1st to have access to 2 full-fledged Genomic labs. With the addition of this infrastructure, we are confident of delivering the projects and the clinical reports faster than before by reducing our sample transport time and logistics advantage.” 

“We aim to provide efficient, cost-effective, and high throughput NGS services to Kerala’s Research centers like IISR, RCC, CIFE, IISER, NISER, CPCRI, and various PSUs. This facility will be a great support system for many genomics startups in Kerala, which is turning out to be a new home for Genomics startups after Karnataka and Telangana,” he added. 

The partnership between Redcliffe Labs and RGCB is set to advance genomics research in India and facilitate breakthroughs in healthcare, agriculture, and beyond. Together, they are poised to lead the way in genomics innovation and make a lasting impact on the scientific community.

Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana, Director at RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram said, “ At RGCB, our research is focused on understanding disease biology and processing this knowledge for better management and therapeutics. Genomics-based technologies like NGS help researchers and breeders evaluate and predict genetic merit. I am confident that partnering with Redcliffe’s genomics services will expedite our journey towards making discoveries for better life and life forms. This will serve as a catalyst in translating discoveries effectively to eventual implementation for public benefit.”


Redcliffe Labs is one of the fastest-growing omnichannel diagnostics service providers in India, which helps patients receive conclusive diagnosis with precision and accuracy. Redcliffe Labs services are currently available in 220+ cities across India through its wide network of owned advanced 80+ labs and 2000+ collection centers powered by home collection services, majorly targeting tier 2 and 3 masses. The company has served more than 4M+ patients with its high-end diagnostics services. Redcliffe Labs got a series B funding round of $61M in 2022. 

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