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Prompt action by Doctors and Staff of Paras Health save Patient from Aortic Dissection- a life-threatening condition

GurugramDr. Amit Bhushan Sharma, Director & Unit Head, Cardiology at Paras Health, Gurugram today, presented a successful case in which he and his team of Doctors and Staff prevented a cardiac arrest of a Patient by repairing a large tear in the Aorta, the body’s largest artery, without the use of Stitches or General Anesthesia.

A male patient, Mr. Rajesh Kagra aged 55 years, came to Paras Health, Gurugram on Monday with a tearing chest pain radiating to the back at 1.00 am in the night. Upon his arrival, angiography was done which came out to be normal. Something was amiss as patient’s chest pain was not subsiding.

Further diagnosis, CT Artogram was prescribed by the attending doctor.Aortic dissection from the arch just distal to the subclavian artery extending all the way to the left iliac artery was subsequently found in the patient.  Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma was on his way back home from the hospital when he got a call about the test results and the condition of the patient.

Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma said:  “Immediately after getting the call, I rushed back to the hospital at 3:30 AM since Aortic Dissection is a fatal condition and can kill someone in minutes. We immediately took the patient to the cardiac catheterization lab (cath-lab) but his pain was not subsiding and he was sinking. Finally, we performed Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR) using Stent Graft which saved his life. We also took Brachial access for vascular plug closure of left subclavian artery, if the need arises later.”

After the surgery, the patient recovered and is in stable condition now.

 The Patient, Mr. Rajesh Kagra said: “This is my second life and it couldn’t have been possible without the grace of God and prompt help from Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma and Paras Health. I am really grateful for my new life and I thank the almighty, my doctor, and the wonderful team and staff at Paras Health whose prompt diagnosis and effective medical intervention saved my life.”

Aortic dissection is a life-threatening condition that can kill patients in minutes and thus requires immediate medical intervention.  According to doctors, it is ten times more dangerous than a heart blockage. Generally, it happens due to chronic high blood pressure in patients that weaken the aorta wall. To prevent aortic dissection, doctors suggest keeping blood pressure in check, leading an active lifestyle, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking.

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