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Minister Ramdas Athawale and Mrs. Neerja Birla conferred “World Peace Ambassador”

Mumbai, 29th August 2019: Minister Ramdas Athawale, Minister of State for social justice and Mrs. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust were today crowned as “World Peace Ambassador” by Dr. Huz – Founder – The World Peacekeepers Movement, an online movement of more than 2 million Peacekeepers. At an illustrious event held in Mumbai, Sir Dr Huz felicitated World Peace Ambassadors recognizing these stalwarts for their impactful contribution to society in their respective fields.

The World Peacekeepers Movement (TWPM) is an online movement of more than 2 million Peacekeepers on Facebook who subscribe to the 7 Peace values of gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience, and truth – the foundation of inner peace. Through the inner peace of humanity, world peace can become a reality.

Mrs. Neerja Birla has immensely contributed to mental health and education. Over the years, Mrs. Neerja Birla in her personal and professional capacity has endeavoured to empower individuals/societies to lead fulfilling and enriched lives through a host of initiatives, collaborations with various organisations. As the Founder and Chairperson of Mpower, a movement that aims to affect a positive change in the attitude towards mental health, Mrs. Birla hopes to stamp out the stigma associated with this issue. This award is a testimony of her pioneering efforts in raising awareness about mental health and offer quality care to individuals from all walks of life and from all sections of the community.

The title has been conferred based on achievements and service to humanity and commitment to the cause of peace. As a “World Peace Ambassador” they had been presented a frame, a citation image, a Peace Hamper, and a silver coin.

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