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3 Depositors of PMC dead till now

Till now three depositors of scam-hit PMC Bank allegedly died in separate incidents. Two died in day with heart attack while third one committed suicide .

Dr Nivedita Bijlani (39), who allegedly committed suicide on Monday evening while Sanjay Gulati and Fattulal Punjabi died of a heart attack on the same day. All three had deposits with the Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank.

The bank has been put under restrictions by the RBI after the discovery of a Rs 4,355 crore scam. Deposit withdrawals have been capped at Rs 40,000 over a six-month period, causing panic and distress among depositors.

Bijlani, a post-graduate in medicine, allegedly ended her life by taking overdose of sleeping pills at her residence in suburban Versova late Monday evening, police said, adding that she had deposits of over Rs 1 crore with the PMC .

However, the police also said that Bijlani, who had remarried recently, suffered from chronic depression, and had also tried to end her life earlier. No suicide note has been found.

Sanjay Gulati had lost his job with Jet Airways after the airline was grounded in April following bankruptcy. He has a specially-abled son whose treatment requires over Rs 25,000 a month, and they were struggling to pay his tuition fees.

Sanjay participated in the depositors’ protest in south Mumbai on Monday morning. Later, while having a late lunch at his house in suburban Oshiwara, he collapsed, his family said.

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