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News18 Mega exit poll results: NDA to get 355-370 seats, INDI alliance to secure 125-140 seats

News18 Mega exit poll results: NDA to get 355-370 seat INDI alliance to secure 125-140 seats

New Delhi | June1, 2024: According to News18’s Mega Exit Poll, Narendra Modi is likely to score an emphatic win for his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) with 355-370 seats, securing a third five-year term, after a gruelling and staggered election that lasted more than seven weeks.

According to the exit poll, 2024 General Elections is expected to see BJP alone crossing the half-way mark. INDIA bloc, the principal opposition alliance led by the Indian National Congress is likely to secure 125-140 seats, according to News18’s Mega Exit Poll.

News18 Mega exit poll results: NDA to get 355-370 seat INDI alliance to secure 125-140 seatsWhile BJP is likely to get 305-315 seats, INC is expected to get 62-72 seats. Other parties are projected to secure 42-52 seats.

News18’s Exit Poll went live on Saturday (June 1), offering the most accurate projections of the likely outcomes of General Elections 2024. Featuring the largest sample size of more than 100,000 respondents, News18 Mega Exit Poll covered 518 Lok Sabha constituencies across 21 major states, making it one of India’s most extensive surveys.

With a structured questionnaire translated into 11 regional languages, the survey used mixed methodology for News18 Mega Exit poll. Unlike traditional exit polls conducted immediately after voters cast their votes, this survey was conducted the day after polling. This approach was chosen for its ability to yield more reliable responses and eliminate bias.

Fieldwork for the survey was carried out by ten different fieldwork agencies with strict quality control measures in place, including on-the-spot quality checks to validate the entire process.

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