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Brief of NaMo

1. Lock down of whole country from 0000 hrs 25 Mar 2020 onwards
2. Lock down for 21 days .
3. Stay at home .
4. Exhibit of corona may take many days and unknowingly infect all those who have come in contact with him.
5. One man can spread to hundreds of people in 7-10 days .
6. Took 67 days for number of corona affected persons to 1 lac and in next just 11 days the next 1 lac got affected and in just 4 days it got upto next 1 lac.
7. Social Distancing must from PM to the last man of the country .
8. The only way to stop this pandemic is break the cycle .
9. Where there is life there is hope.
10. Salute to those who are sacrificing their lives in the line of duty.
11. Essential commodities supplies would continue .
12. Central Govt working relentlessly towards eradication of Corona and allocated Rs 15000 cr med facilities.
13. All State Govt must prioritise health care as their first priority.
14. Pvt players are standing united in the tough times.
15. Be careful of Rumours and do not believe in such rumours and superstitions
16. Follow the advisory of health care institute , central and state Govt .
17. Do not take any medicines or med care without proper prescription.
18. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
19. Follow the rules and law of the country

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