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Magnit and WeAce Partner to Host One-of-a-kind Hackathon Hiring Drive

WeAce, a women-first platform on a mission to balance workplaces through skilling, mentoring and career solutions, is pleased to announce the success of its strategic partnership with Magnit™ (formerly PRO Unlimited), an Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) Platform provider, to host an innovative hackathon hiring drive called Hack&Grow. This drive, which gave experienced software engineers the opportunity to showcase their talent at solving complex tech problems and aimed to help them make progress in their career, provided talented individuals the opportunity to work with workforce management pioneer Magnit.

Hack&Grow – An Innovative Hackathon Hiring Drive

The 2023 edition of Hack&Grow, hosted by WeAce in partnership with Magnit, took place on January 19th and 20th. Seasoned professionals with four or more years of experience as full-stack Java developers, with a passion for constructing and maintaining complex software applications, were invited to take part in this event.

This initiative went beyond traditional methods of hiring and interviewing, striving to make the process of acquiring quality software development talent more interesting and innovative.

“Hack&Grow is designed to identify the most talented software developers,” said Meeta Srivastava, Partner and Head of Talent Acquisition at WeAce. “WeAce was delighted to partner with Magnit for this edition of Hack&Grow to fill some critical roles in its technology department.”

“We always strive to adopt innovative ideas to hire technical talent rather than traditional interviews or screening techniques. In view of the same, we kept the theme for Hack&Grow this time as Innovate for the Evolution of Work,”added Srivastava.

Participating developers were tasked with designing a web application for monitoring employee levels of happiness and satisfaction, enabling employers to identify areas of improvement and bridge any gaps in employee satisfaction.

“We are excited to announce this successful partnership with WeAce, a community-driven and partner-led ecosystem that supports the right kind of skilling, mentoring and work opportunities to everyone,” said Jayendra Solanki, Director of Talent Acquisition at Magnit. “Magnit was especially excited to host this hackathon to hire the perfect candidates who demonstrated their problem-solving skills through a web application and were hence a good fit for the culture of innovation we foster in our organization.”

About WeAce
A new-age women-first platform with a mission to bring gender diversity at workplaces through skilling & career advancement. The company works with a 360-degree approach to gender diversity that supports the current and future women workforce in their success and leadership growth, to enable them to realize their potential and pursue positions of influence.

About Magnit
Magnit™ is a global leader and pioneer in contingent workforce management. Our industry-leading Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) Platform is supported by 30+ years of innovation, modern software, proven expertise, and world-class data and intelligence. It enables companies to optimize talent and diversity goals while achieving operational and financial success. With Magnit, companies can adapt quickly to the evolution of work to grow their extended workforce with greater agility, transparency, and speed.

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