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Encounter With The Lion

No one can believe to have face to face meet with lion and life saved. In Dehli zoo a man who jumped into a lion’s enclosure on Thursday spent some time  before being rescued.

 Zoo officials described him as an unstable man. Rehan Khan, a 28-year-old man from Bihar, was able to climb over the high metal grille surrounding the enclosure even though guards tried to stop him, officials said.

He reportedly kept saying he did not want to be rescued. Chilling visuals show the man facing the Asiatic lion, trying to engage it and even casually lying down at one point.

“He seems to be mentally unstable. He was immediately brought out without any injury,” said a senior police officer.

Experts said the intruder was “extremely lucky” to have survived the encounter unharmed. “A lion of this size can kill a human being within 15 seconds,”

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