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Edovu Ventures Achieves Remarkable Success at Education & Edupreneur Summit 2024, Transforming Educational Landscape

  • K12 Online Schools, a premier institution serving students globally across 40 countries, proudly announces its expansion to the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. With a curriculum rooted in Cambridge and Indian standards
  • Building upon the success of K12 Online Schools, we proudly announce our foray into global higher education eduXLL. Offering undergraduate professional courses with employability assistance, we’ve partnered with esteemed institutions worldwide. Collaborators include IIT Bombay, IIM Rohtak, IIT Chennai, Danish Consortium Denmark, IPA Business School Spain, Varna University Bulgaria, and many more.
  • We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Jeff Goldberg Studio renowned for excellence in arts performing. This partnership will offer courses in acting, scripting, and related disciplines, enhancing our commitment to providing comprehensive education opportunities.
  • American EduGlobal School (AES) in collaboration with American institution in India, with a distinguished legacy spanning 65 years from Saddle River Day School, New Jersey, USA. Upholding our tradition of excellence, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our presence with new campuses in Sirsa, Lucknow, and Pune.
  • Edovu Ventures educational groups also shared their ambitious projections of 500 CR for the next 5 upcoming years, reflecting the organization’s steadfast dedication to driving growth and innovation in the education sector.

New Delhi: Edovu Ventures, a pioneering force in the realm of education, proudly announces the resounding success of the Education and Edupreneur Summit 2024 at JW Marriott New Delhi, marking a monumental milestone in the journey towards transformative education. The summit, organized under the auspices of Edovu Ventures, will commence with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp & panel discussion symbolizing the dawn of a new era in education.

This landmark event witnessed the convergence of visionaries, educators, investors, and thought leaders from across the globe, igniting conversations and fostering collaborations to shape the future of education. Under the stewardship of Edovu Ventures, the summit served as a beacon of inspiration, driving transformative change in the educational landscape. Our flagship K12 Online Schools, American EduGlobal School collaboration with Saddle River Day School – USA, and eduXLL is an online higher education vertical.

Mr. PK Samal, Founder & Managing Director of Edovu Ventures”, articulates our vision with unwavering clarity: “Our flagship institution not only delivers world-class education but also moulds students for the future by integrating innovative and forward-thinking disciplines.” As the first educational group to offer education from primary to PhD levels, our commitment to comprehensive learning is unparalleled. Our collaboration with Jeff Goldberg Studio for performing arts further underscores our dedication to holistic development. We extend sincere gratitude to H.E. Freddy Svane for fostering educational relations, a testament to the mutual benefit for students in both nations. With ambitious projections of 500 CR within five years, we are poised to redefine educational excellence on a global scale.

Mr. Vaibhav Shastri, Co-founder of K12 Online Schools, eduXLL, and American EduGlobal School articulates our collaborative ethos with Jeff Goldberg Studio: “This partnership underscores our mutual commitment to nurturing acting excellence and life skills through the arts.” Our joy is further amplified by the expansion of American EduGlobal School, with new campuses in Sirsa, Lucknow, and Pune. At our institutions, we pledge to provide comprehensive opportunities and guidance, nurturing students from their earliest stages. With K12 Online Schools transcending borders to serve students from over 40 countries, our expansion into the USA, Australia, and New Zealand reaffirms our global reach and unwavering dedication to educational excellence.

Dr. Kevin Merges, the Global Impact Officer of Saddle River Day School, New Jersey emphasizes the significance of American EduGlobal School’s entry into India: “The arrival of American EduGlobal School initiates a transformative era in global education, bridging our esteemed legacy and forward-thinking learning principles with the dynamic landscape of this nation.

Mr. Jeff Goldberg, Veteran Actor & Director and Founder of Jeff Goldberg Studio, outlines the upcoming initiatives: “New programs will be introduced for those with an interest in performing arts. In every Indian household, there should be at least one individual proficient in the performing arts. The challenge in this domain lies in reaching the audience, as family expectations evolve rapidly. Indian families prioritize formal education for their children, emphasizing the need for a solid backup plan. Online education offers a solution, enabling students to pursue both formal studies and their passions concurrently. With just an internet connection, students can access education from prestigious institutions in London, fulfilling a dream for many.

Mr. Jalaj Desai, Head of School at Saddle River Day School, New Jersey USA, expresses enthusiasm for extending the institution’s legacy to India: “We are delighted to bring the esteemed heritage of Saddle River Day School to India, nurturing a new gen of global learners. Our offerings will include student transfer and exchange programs to the USA, immersive study tours, collaborative initiatives for teachers, comprehensive teacher training, and, most importantly, a holistic approach to teaching and learning methodology aimed at fostering well-rounded development.

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