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Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar  expressed confidence rebel mlas would “come back and save the government”.

“I have confidence in all our MLAs. They have been elected from Congress and they have been there for a long period. They have fought like tigers in their domain. I think some good gesture will prevail,” the Congress’  shivkumar told

“The law is so clear that they can’t vote against the Confidence Motion. Our MLAs are also well-equipped with law. If they vote against Confidence Motion, they’ll lose their membership. They won’t let down the party,” he said.

Mr Shivakumar’s comment comes after Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy declared he would seek a trust vote and asked the Speaker to “fix a time”.

The Karnataka coalition crisis has seen, so far, seen the resignation of 16 legislators and two independents. If these are accepted, the coalition strength drops from 118 to 100 and will bring the majority mark in the assembly from 113 to 105. The BJP has 107, with the support of the two independents, will emerge as the majority alliance.

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