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Delicious Food During Ramadan Search here


Ramadan time of the year when your love for food is tested. You get so many lip-smacking varieties of food during this month that you feel you’re missing out on so many good dishes. Here are the five best places in South Mumbai for Delicious Food–

  1. Bade Miyan

Bade Miyan needs no introduction to the South Bombay people, it is perhaps the most famous food joint for foodies. And during Ramadan the popularity of Bade Miyan doubles as they open another stall at Minara Masjid.

  1. Barah Handi Crawford Market

If you haven’t tasted the special Barah Handi’s Paaya yet, Ramadan would be a perfect time to visit. The name comes from 12 Handis that they use to make different items, paaya being their specialty.

  1. Chinese -n-Grill :Mohammad Ali Road

Don’t let the name make you pass by before looking at the menu. It is not your regular Chinese joint where you eat over spicy, non-authentic Chinese. No Sir, this one is a foodies delight and South Mumbaikars crowd this joint all year long.

  1. Marhaba Fast Food :Mohammad Ali Road

Another hidden gem located near Minara Masjid, their chicken roll is to die for. If you haven’t tried Marhaba’s rolls yet, now would be the best time.

  1. Hindustan Restaurant Opposite Minara Masjid

You might not find this place listed all over the internet, but ask a local and he’d guide you to Hindustan Restaurant and eat with you too. Hindustan Restaurant is famous for their Kebabs and there is something about those little kebabs that you won’t be able to resist.



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