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100% Refund for Railway Trains Cancelled

The Railway Ministry has said that no cancellation fee will be charged for the 155 trains cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The passengers will be refunded 100% of their money, it added. Railways on Thursday cancelled 84 trains, which will not operate between March 20 and March 31, in view of low occupancy and the novel coronavirus pandemic, officials said.

India’s largest firm Reliance Industries has initiated work-from-home for its staff while keeping open consumer-facing businesses of hospital, retail stores and telecom with a minimum workforce amid increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the country. Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani will hold a meeting almost every third day to take stock of the impact of novel coronavirus outbreak.

As a precautionary measure to Covid-19, Indian Railways has canceled 84 of its low occupancy trains with scheduled journey commencing dates from 20.03.20 to 31.03.30, according to a statement.

Meanwhile ICMR Chief Dr Raman Gangakhedkar told that there is “no evidence that the virus is heat sensitive”, adding that temperatures are soaring in southern regions yet infections are still spreading. It is important that people don’t become complacent during summers and take care of proper hygiene.

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