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No Mamata or Mayawati at Congress-Led Oppn Meet

The opposition parties met to discuss the current political situation and chart out their strategy on NRC and CCA but West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati decided to stay away.

Congress ally in Tamil Nadu, the DMK, has also skipped the meeting despite the party and its president MK Stalin being vocal in its opposition to the citizenship law. Sources said that the party was angry due to remarks made by some local Congress leaders in Tamil Nadu.

The Aam Aadmi Party, too, has decided not to attend the meeting, presumably in face of Delhi elections next month where it is pitted against the BJP and the Congress.

Shivsena did not attend the meeting but clarified that it would not implement CAA in its present form in Maharashtra.

Miffed with the Congress and the Left over violence allegedly perpetrated by them in the state during the January 8 Bharat Bandh, Banerjee had decided to skip the meeting called by the president of the grand old party, Sonia Gandhi.

The 24-hour nationwide strike by central trade unions in West Bengal on Wednesday was marked by incidents of violence and arson, blocking of railway tracks and roads by protesters trying to enforce the shutdown.

BSP chief Mayawati tweeted that her party was boycotting the meet as the Congress had poached her MLAs in Rajasthan. Mayawati had dissolved the party’s executive in Rajasthan after its all six legislators joined the Congress.


1. जैसाकि विदित है कि राजस्थान कांग्रेसी सरकार को बीएसपी का बाहर से समर्थन दिये जाने पर भी, इन्होंने दूसरी बार वहाँ बीएसपी के विधायकों को तोड़कर उन्हें अपनी पार्टी में शामिल करा लिया है जो यह पूर्णतयाः विश्वासघाती है। 1/3


2. ऐसे में कांग्रेस के नेतृत्व में आज विपक्ष की बुलाई गई बैठक में बीएसपी का शामिल होना, यह राजस्थान में पार्टी के लोगों का मनोबल गिराने वाला होगा। इसलिए बीएसपी इनकी इस बैठक में शामिल नहीं होगी। 2/3

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