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Kanika Kapoor discharged from Lucknow

Singer Kanika Kapoor has been discharged from Lucknow hospital. She was diagnosed with Covid-19 last month.

Kanika was allowed to leave after her sixth test came back negative on Monday. Her fifth test on Saturday had also come back negative but the doctors wanted to be sure about her health and decided to discharge her only after two back-to-back tests came back negative.

Kanika’s troubles, however, are likely to increase after she is discharged from hospital. Three FIRs have been filed against Kanika on charges of negligence for attending various social events in the city despite being infected with coronavirus and having been instructed by the authorities to isolate herself at her home.
She is the first Bollywood celebrity to test positive for the deadly virus in the country. In a statement on Instagram, which she later deleted, Kanika narrated how she developed signs of flu on her return from London. She claimed that she was unaware of the Corona infection till she tested positive.

Earlier, the singer had shared a health update on Instagram after testing Covid-19 positive. She wrote, “Going off to bed. Sending you all loving vibes. Stay safe you guys. Thank you for your concern but I am not in the ICU. I am fine. I hope my next test is negative. Waiting to go home to my kids and family miss them!”

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