Indian women activist in World Economic Forum-2018

New Delhi: The meeting of the World Economic Forum has begun in Davos, in which the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi joined with his delegation and got the first obligation to address. In his statement, Modi addressed India to be the most trusted country of investment and also said that the world should go together for it. According to the World Economic Forum website, “the institution is committed of improving the condition of the world”. Each year it comes with a special theme. This year's theme is - Creating a Shared Future for 'Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.

Ashraf Ghani

Afghan President backs new US policy on terrorism

The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has expressed concern over terrorist threats and backed the new US Strategy. 

He was addressing the United Nations General Assembly yesterday in New York. Ghani said US President Donald Trump’s new Afghan strategy sent a signal to Taliban guerrillas that they cannot win on the field and must negotiate peace. 

Ballistic Missile

North Korea again fires ballistic missile over northern Japan, days after new UN sanctions

North Korea today fired a ballistic missile over northern Japan. South Korean and Japanese governments said, the missile launched from North Korea flew over northern Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean 2,200 kilometers east of Hokkaido today morning. 

Japanese officials said the missile was fired at around 6:57 AM local time from Sunan, a district near Pyongyang. The missile likely reached an altitude of 800 kilometers and flew 3,700 kilometers. It flew 800 kilometers further than last month's launch, said the official. 

Rohingya Militants

UNSC to hold closed-door session today on Myanmar violence

The United Nations Security Council will hold a closed-door session today on the violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. The meeting was requested by Britain and Sweden. The exodus from Rakine state began after Rohingya militants attacked police posts on the 25th of last month, prompting a military backlash that forced nearly 3 lakh 70,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee their homes.

Last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote a letter to the Council urging members to send a message to Myanmar authorities to end the security operation. Two leading human rights groups, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have slammed the Council for inaction over the crisis. They deplored the Council's failure to speak out and demand an end to the violence.

Pakistans Habib Bank

US banking regulators shut down Pakistan's Habib Bank amid money laundering concerns

US banking regulators ordered Pakistan's Habib Bank to shutter its New York office after nearly 40 years, for repeatedly failing to heed concerns over possible terrorist financing and money laundering. 

New York banking officials have said that Habib, Pakistan's largest private bank, facilitated billions of dollars of transactions with Saudi private bank, Al Rajhi Bank, which reportedly has links to al Qaeda, and failed to do enough to ensure that the funds were not laundered or used for terrorism.