Turkish Woman Assaulted for ‘wearing shorts in Ramadan’


New Delhi: In yet another incident of attacks against women in Turkey, a Turkish man assaulted a young woman on an Istanbul bus for wearing shorts during Ramadan. The woman, who was a university student, was travelling on the bus on June 14th, when the man struck her in her face and slung her to the back of the bus.

The student reported that she was harassed by the man throughout the journey, the latter continuously saying she shouldn’t wear shorts during the holy festival. Shockingly, after the man was detained, he was released when he said he got “provoked” to assault her leading to an outcry.
“The release of the attacker is a threat to all women,” the women’s right organization tweeted.

Following the outcry, the man was rearrested and it later emerged that the man had been held in Jail since 11th June for having committed a tax crime.

“From the moment I sat down, he was making these remarks, ‘you dress like this during Ramadan, you should be ashamed to be dressed like that’”, reported the student. On ignoring the man she was attacked and her jaw hit the bus window. 

The incident comes amid high levels of violence against women in Turkey. 

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