Pro Khalistan Rally

Despite Indian protest, Britain defends cessationist rally in London

New Delhi (NM Bureau):  While Sikh community members today held demonstrations in front of the British embassy in Delhi to protest the pro-Khalistan rally to be held in August 12, Britain today said people have right to protest. The statement of the British embassy has come even after India officially protested the holding of the rally in London.  

Sikhs for Justice, a human rights advocacy group has announced that it will hold the “London Declaration” on an independence referendum for the Indian state of Punjab at Trafalgar Square this Sunday. British High Commission in New Delhi said on Friday that people in Britain have the right to protest provided they stay within the limits of the law.


Pak new types of nuclear weapons worries US

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Pakistan is up in making new types of nuclear weapon have become a worry for America's intelligence chief warned on Tuesday, which includes short-range tactical ones that bring more risks to the region.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats' remarks came days after a group of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists struck the Sunjuwan Military Camp in Jammu on Saturday that has killed 7 people including 6 soldiers.

“Pakistan is developing new types of nuclear weapons, including short-range tactical weapons,” Coats told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on worldwide threats organised by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Pakistan continues to produce nuclear weapons and develop new types of nuclear weapons, including short-range tactical weapons, sea-based cruise missiles, air-launched cruise missiles, and longer-range ballistic missiles, he warned. “These new types of nuclear weapons will introduce new risks for escalation of dynamics and security in the region,” Coats said, reflecting on the risks involved in developing such types of nuclear weapons.

Coats said North Korea will be among the most volatile and confrontational weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threats to the US over the next year.

North Korea’s history of exporting ballistic missile technology to several countries, including Iran and Syria, and its assistance during Syria’s construction of a nuclear reactor — destroyed in 2007 — illustrates its willingness to proliferate dangerous technologies.

In 2017 North Korea, for the second straight year, conducted a large number of ballistic missile tests, including its first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) tests. Pyongyang is committed to developing a long-range, nuclear-armed missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the United States. It also conducted its sixth and highest yield nuclear test to date.

“We assess that North Korea has a longstanding Biological Weapons (BW) capability and biotechnology infrastructure that could support a BW programme. We also assess that North Korea has a Chemical Weapons (CW) programme and probably could employ these agents by modifying conventional munitions or with unconventional, targeted methods,” he said.

Coats said state efforts to modernise, develop, or acquire WMD, their delivery systems, or their underlying technologies constitute a major threat to the security of the United States, its deployed troops, and its allies. Both state and non-state actors have already demonstrated the use of chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

Biological and chemical materials and technologies — almost always dual-use — move easily in the globalised economy, as do personnel with the scientific expertise to design and use them for legitimate and illegitimate purposes. Information about the latest discoveries in the life sciences also diffuses rapidly around the globe, widening the accessibility of knowledge and tools for beneficial purposes and for potentially nefarious applications.

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The iconic Trump brand that debuted in the city of Gurugram with the launch of ‘“Trump Towers Delhi NCR”, a residential development, at the prime Golf Course Extension Road of Gurugram (India's National Capital Region) has received an overwhelming response. The project was announced in mid- January 2018 and has already clocked INR 500 crore worth bookings in little under a month of launch. The project has sold over two residences a day since launch with an average ticket price of INR 7.5 crore. This velocity of absorption has not been witnessed in NCR luxury realty market in the last 2-3 years.  The project is being jointly developed by M3M India and Tribeca Developers. This project marks the first entry of the iconic Trump Tower brand into the Delhi-NCR and the fourth Trump Tower in India, a country with the most number of Trump branded properties outside of North America.  

Samir Jasuja, CEO of PropEquity, acknowledged the success saying. “Trump Towers Delhi NCR has stormed the luxury realty market. Clocking sales of over 2 apartments every day for the last 30 odd days – that too in the Rs. 6 Cr+ luxury market which is known to average about 8 apartments in a month – is a true testament of the product & value proposition on offer.”
Kapil Malhotra, who recently booked a residence at Trump Towers Delhi NCR echoed the sentiments saying, “There is enormous demand for this project – many of my friends have enquired about this project. The prestige of owning a Trump residence is unparalled and no other project in this city can match up to this.”
Trump Towers Delhi NCR will be characterized by iconic twin towers rising over 600 feet that will be amongst the tallest towers in the region.  The striking all glass façade is a signature Trump style with sleek lines and an imposing form.  Design is at the core of the residences with every room featuring expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding each residence with natural light and providing spectacular views of the city, adjoining 9-hole golf course and the Aravalis Range. Each residence has a private elevator which opens into the awe-inspiring private entry, offering owners the ultimate privacy.  A third of the residences boast over 22 feet high double-height living rooms, giving them a duplex penthouse feel, despite being simplexes.  
Rima Khosla, co-founder of Arena Multimedia and proud owner of a luxury residence at Trump Towers Delhi NCR said, “We were well aware of the Trump brand and its significance globally. It is great for the city to get its own Trump Towers and we could not pass up the chance to be amongst the few who will call it home. The price range hit a sweet spot and we decided to book. We now look forward to welcoming Donald Trump Jr to our city!”
Donald Trump Jr., Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, is set to arrive in Delhi in late February to celebrate the success of Trump Towers Delhi-NCR, the newest and largest Trump project to date in India.
The developers shared the following details about the sales achieved till date:
• The vast majority of buyers are from business families of Delhi NCR with many families purchasing multiple residences, top CEOs of multi-national companies and even NRIs
• Almost all the buyers cited self-use as the purpose of purchase 
• Inaugural offer and launch prices set to rise soon
Trump Us

US govt to shut 2nd time in a month

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After the Senate adjourned with no vote on a measure to extend federal funding beyond the 12:00 am deadline, results US government today to shut at midnight.

The upper chamber of Congress struggled to overcome roadblocks to passing a government funding bill and budget plan when a conservative senator objected to a swift vote, and leadership opted to close up shop and then reopen at 12:01 am(0501 GMT).

The closure could ultimately be short-lived, as the Senate was expected to schedule a vote on the measure at 1:00 am and, if it passes, send it to the House of Representatives and then on to President Donald Trump's desk for his signature as early astomorrow.

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I'm for women.. I'm for men, says Trump

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United States President Donald Trump in the first International TV Interview says ‘I'm for everyone’, when asked whether he considers himself a feminist.

He says ‘No’ to the question asked by British journalist Piers Morgan, also shared his happiness over women doing great.

"No, I wouldn't say I'm a feminist. That would be, maybe, going too far. I'm for women. I'm for men. I'm for everyone. I think people have to go out ... and they have to win, and women are doing great, and I'm happy about that," CNN reported the US president as saying to Morgan .

Morgan first crossed paths with the US President Donald Trump on the 2008 series of the Celebrity Apprentice in 2008 and has regularly.

The remarks also come just days after, when, in a bid to mark the one-year anniversary of the Women's March in Washington for protesting Trump's presidency and stance on certain issues, saw scores of marchers amassing in cities across the country.

"You're always going to have marches. The march, I guess, was a lot smaller than it was last year." Trump said in response to a question about the movement by women.


According to the Guardian, the interview was heavily trailed by both ITV and Morgan on social media. It gave some significant headlines, including the US president saying he was all set to sorry for retweeting inflammatory videos posted by the deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First.

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