AA Huz Khorakiwala

Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala

• TB – an ancient scourge that still eludes a cure and daunts mankind in the new millennium
• A diagnosis of TB was a death warrant not too long ago but the situation has only slightly improved, much to the consternation of researchers and doctors alike
• The only vaccine against TB is more than a century old and a replacement is not visible in the horizon yet
• The number of anti-TB medicines available on paper may have increased dramatically but alas, they are sometimes fraught with problems of resistance development and toxicity
• No wonder, treatment drop outs are extremely common, aggravating the vicious cycle of low compliance and emergence of multi-drug resistant killer germs
• India has the dubious distinction of harboring the most vicious forms of the bug in qualitative as well as quantitative terms
• The fight against TB may not grab headlines as it may not bring in TRPs in the media but is indeed serious enough to unravel whatever progress we try to make on the health front as a nation

*Destroy TB

-  Warrior Dr. Srinivasan

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