Safdarjung Hospital doctors on indefinite strike

Safdarjung Hospital Doctors

The resident doctors at Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi went on strike for indefinite period yesterday after their colleague was allegedly manhandled by the attendants of a patient. Due to the strike, the emergency services were interrupted at the hospital. It also affected the patients who were asked to return from the emergency gate by the security guards without being treated.

Yesterday afternoon, a resident doctor was allegedly assaulted by a patient in the Out Patient Department (OPD) of the hospital alleging that his treatment was being delayed by the doctor.

The resident doctors said that they called for strike to oppose such assault and to get their security concerns fulfilled. They have demanded that their security should be increased to check such attacks. An FIR has also been filed in this regard.


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This particular piece was a wake-up signal for me.
I say I've hearded about that like million times however this time is big eye opener for some reason. Thanks you for posting this this.

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