Obesity a major health issue in India

Obesity Issues

New Delhi: Obesity is a disease which is caused due to excessive body fat which is generally ignored by most of the people. People who are obese usually are affected by behavior, genetic and environmental factors that are difficult to control with dieting. Obesity is the gateway for many other diseases in a person’s body. BMI is used in determining obesity; BMI is a number calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by his or her height in meters squared.. This phenomenon is global and about 30 million Indians are obese. It is predicted to double in the next 5 years.

Increasing or initiating a physical activity program is an important aspect in managing obesity. Today’s society has developed a very sedentary lifestyle and routine physical activity can greatly impact your health. Do exercise daily and set realistic goals and make sure of it that your exercise program is consulted with your doctor.


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